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Vitas made a new video "War Veterans"

Jan 2

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Very nice gift to Vitas made himself

Almost to the New Year Vitas made himself, his family and all fans of unusual, very important gift. He finished the installation of "family" movie, which is dedicated to his beloved grandfather, Arkady Davydovich.

The song "front-line" Vitas co-wrote the famous poet Alexander Samson and dedicated it to the military past of his grandfather, who throughout the war served in the infantry, went to Berlin, and received many awards. Vitas himself filmed all the scenes of the video, the chronicle was preparing, doing a special video installation and, of course, editing the final version.

Due to the huge number of concerts and performances the production process was somewhat delayed, but now the work is ready and presented to the audience. Vitas himself as a director happy with the result looks and feels that "the issue of respect to the past of their country, to a great victory, the people who gave their lives to give us the freedom and right for the future, there must always be relevant and will ". And that after all the Christmas performances in France, Russia, China, Vitas will arrive at the vacation home in Odessa for a "personal presentation" of the clip, in his opinion, is the most important gift, happiness in the coming year.

This song will be included in the new concert program "Tell me you love me", a work which in Russia will begin in late 2012.