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Lyric Compilations

 TitleModified DateCreated DateSize Description
Never a Minute's Peace02.02.201402.02.201412,20 KBЗагрузитьTranslated by Anna Russia
Only You, The Story of My Love Part I19.11.201319.11.201325,00 KBЗагрузитьTranslation by Anna Russia
Say You Love Album22.02.201022.02.201086,00 KBЗагрузитьEng and Ru. Translation by Anna, "Love Me" by Natalia
CDs and Songs List04.10.200819.03.200713,22 KBЗагрузитьFirst 6 Albums-List of Songs. Translated by Natalia Krasnova
Compilation of New 2008 Songs22.07.200822.07.200876,00 KBЗагрузитьCompilation and translations by Anna of Russia in Russian and English.
Mommy and Son Album01.04.201201.04.2012124,00 KBЗагрузитьTranslation by Anna Russia

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